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1869 - 1948
Took charge as I.N.C.President At Belgaum in 1924
The Karnataka Congress President calls BBMP polls result very disappointing.
BBMP Election Manifesto.

It was just ten years back that Bengaluru was India's pride, and was known to the world as an 'Industrial City' , 'Educational City' , 'IT City' and 'Garden City'. Indian National Congress was in power and Sri S M Krishna was the chief Minister at that time. However, in just ten years successive governments of JDS and BJPhave degraded Bengaluru to a wasteland, a Garbage City, Traffic Mess City and Crime City. Everyone is aware of the present deplorable state of the city. Bengaluru is a very good example for, How in just a Decade's time a beautiful city can be totally disfigured.


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